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The Land

The land for CGRPT’s should be distributed throughout a city town or village as far as economically possible. A certain number of CGRPT titles may be made conditional for large land release subdivisions.

Title Conversion

There will be circumstances where CGRPT titles need to be merged into larger regular titles to enable future property development of another kind. There will be a set of rules to make this possible.

It is suggested that the entity requiring the conversion must pay to the government the difference between the CGRPT value and the market value in order to expunge the CGRPT title. The entity may also be required to fund relocation of the existing owner if it is not the entity itself.

The Buildings

The intention of the CGRPT is provide the foundation upon which to build permanently affordable properties (both residential and commercial). This mechanism offers the opportunity for a large degree of innovation in property design, construction, and fitout, and on various scales.


There are many ways to produce lower cost housing, with the most obvious being to build them smaller and/or to use less land, such as this suggestion for a student flat that fits a 28 square metre block (including the car parking spot)

This design was conceived to utilise spare land in dense urban areas for rental access for groups such as university students.

Or the twin version for double the space two units for two couples achievable for less than $60,000 each...

Then there is this (below 3 images) Mediterranean inspired all permanent material 3 level, 2 bedroom with studio on the spacious gardened terrace level, 180 square meter dwelling with 3 level lift all of which requires just 90 square metres of land and can be achieved for under $250,000 (plus the land) even with 2 to 3kW solar photovoltaic thermal solar panels:

The Land
Title Conversion
The Buildings

Street View.

Aerial view from street. This Design while utilising 100% of the land it sits on, makes 70% of that space available as open air living space including 14 square metres of deep soil garden space fully suitable for small trees and large shrubs with ground covers including herbs and vegetables.

To manage stormwater runoff this design features 15,000 to 20,000 litre water storage tanks designed to bleed of volume as required, or retain water in dry periods. The combination of water storage and solar panels ensures that these dwellings are fully autonomous for garden watering. The design also includes a large motor bike and push bike parking garage.

Or any one of a number of Kit Construction dwellings.

Aerial view from above.

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