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CGRPT Advantages

1. Benevolent inputs are preserved through the title for all future holders of a CGRPT property title. Ie if the land is made available at a lower rate, duties or fees are waived, or the house is built on a lower cost production basis rather than the less efficient construction basis, these cost efficiencies are preserved in the property as its value appreciation over time is maintained at the original buying power of the owner rather than being cashed up to market value at the first property change of hands.

2. Over time the pool of CGRPT properties will increase eventually serving to cool off market rental pressures.

3. CGRPT titles make it possible for governments to ensure a healthy body of low cost socially supportive properties without being involved in the day to day operation and maintenance of those properties.

4. Rates and property taxes where applicable will be lower for CGRPT properties simply because of their lower value. This further reinforces the lower living cost associated with these properties.

Users and User Groups

Downsizers (those in retirement with a paid up property but minimal superannuation accruals), institutions, businesses, commercial shopping precincts, the disadvantaged, holiday batches sublet for tourism.


Down sizers would be an important user group as they have the up front capital to commission their own CGRPT property in an area of their choosing, with the balance of their liquid assets being invested to support their cash flow needs going forward. Further their occupation time would be relatively short thereby freeing up CGRPT properties for others.


1. Tertiary institutions would potentially be a user of CGRPT properties for student accommodation. The advantage being lower capital cost and lower running costs.


2. Businesses may utilise the lower cost of the CGRPT property for employee accommodation and may even choose to build production facilities as CGRPT properties in order to make them less appealing as takeover targets.


3. Councils may choose to build their own shopping malls as grouped user owned CGRPT units with the council owning and managing car parking funded by unit owners who with lower operating costs (lower mortgage costs, lower rates and property taxes) can better support those costs. Such an arrangement would minimise the drain of funds from a community and improve the lives of shop owners, as against the developer shopping mall model, (compared to South Melbourne Mall in Australia).


4. The primary goal of CGRPT’s is to provide options for the disadvantaged in the community without the economic strength to achieve home ownership, or even afford suitable market rental rates. These people include the lower income earners, state welfare dependents, young start-outs who are carrying significant educational debt, etc.


5. Government agencies for various functions.


6. Low cost industrial seeding units for startups and beginner entrepreneurs.

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